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Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

My last blog post was about 2 years ago. I guess I just don't have the passion to blog anymore. Not that I did have any back then. Lol.

So yeah. Life is great. I'm currently working at a government clinic in a small town in Terengganu. My husband got transferred here as well, to a small clinic which is about 30 minutes away from my workplace.

Did I mention that I have a son?

Guess I didn't huh. That's like a major news! :P

He turned one year old last September.

Like I said, life is great.

I shall cherish the moment and stop complaining like I used to. :P

Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014. In a nutshell (not really)

I've been neglecting this blog for quite some time. It's been 7 months since my last blog post! The thing is, I no longer know how to put my thoughts and emotions into word. I just don't write anymore. Well, many things did happen while I was gone.

"I got married."

Yes, I did, finally! Alhamdulillah. Best thing that ever happened in my life. I love him with all my heart. I miss him every second of my life. But sure marriage has its ups and downs but hey, that's what you call "living" because if you don't have those, you're not really living. You might as well just "be dead". Hubby and I have been staying separately though due to our jobs. Our sucky job. Okay, that's not entirely true. I love my job. It's a bit of love-hate relationship. I hate the fact that we could be placed anywhere in whole Malaysia. 

My wedding reception was held in a small community hall. It was a simple one. I don't believe in taking loans just for a luxurious wedding ceremony. That just doesn't cater MY need. Sure different people have different needs but I'd rather spend my money on something else like honeymoon or whatnots for my future home. Just my 2 cents. :)

"I've completed my two years of housemanship."

Alhamdulillah. It's definitely not the end. It's a beginning. A whole new responsibility. I'm on my own this time around. It's been an emotional roller coaster ride. I'm glad I didn't quit halfway through. Special thanks to my parents who have always been my backbone throughout the entire journey. They have been supporting me from the very beginning until now. I still remember I was so tired during my tagging days in Medical so they sent and fetched me home everyday. My hubby, who has been giving me words of encouragement, knowing the real me, having faith in me. You know I would do the same for you too sayang. To my consultants, specialists, medical officers, colleagues, medical assistants and staff nurses. Thank you for your guidance and teachings. I hope I can be a good medical officer someday. 

"I've been posted to Terengganu."

My worst nightmare finally came to reality. I've been applying to go to Kedah where my hubby currently is working in now. I even attached my surat nikah and my hubby's employment letter but noooooo!!! They didn't bother to look at it. I'm sensing some kind of trend in which all married / about to get married doctors will be posted to Terengganu and the rest will be thrown off to Sabah / Sarawak. But can you tell me why some single doctors get Melaka or somewhere near the Klang Valley for their placement? It's either they use freaking big cable or the people in KKM put a blind eye or just pure luck?
Dan di antara tanda-tanda (kebesaran)-Nya ialah Dia menciptakan pasangan-pasangan untukmu dari jenismu sendiri, supaya kamu cenderung dan merasa tenteram kepadanya, dan Dia menjadikan di antaramu rasa kasih dan sayang. Sungguh, pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda-tanda (kebesaran Allah) bagi kaum yang berpikir. (QS. ar-Rum [30]: 21)
I still think they shouldn't separate the married couples. It's just too cruel. =/
I'm appealing. Hope my prayers will be answered. Aamiin. 
Usaha sudah. Tinggal doa dan tawakal. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Little Miss A

Just when I thought nothing is worse than O&G posting, Orthopaedic came along and proved it all wrong. Come on, Ortho sucks? Why in the world would Ortho suck? Ortho was never my best subject. To be honest, I have no idea what I learnt from medical school years ago. Ortho was only a minor subset of my Surgery posting. I was never truly exposed to Ortho. It's just too specialized, I guess? *shrugs*

Just when I thought to quickly wrap it up and move on to the next posting, the dream just died right during my first month in Ortho. I wanted to stay invisible so badly but SHE jussttttt had to choose me to become her mentee. What did I ever do in my past life to ever be treated like this? My life is doomed. No, I'm not being a drama queen here thankyouverymuch. People keep telling me I can do it bla bla bla and shits. Yeah, easier said than done.

I can't stand her anymore. Please let this be over.
Holy crap, I'll be having EOP assessment with her. There's no escape.

Ps. "SHE" refers to an infamous Orthopaedic surgeon. Everyone is just so scared of her including the MOs. How the hell am I supposed to endure her every single freaking day of my Ortho life? You tell me.

Monday, January 20, 2014


I hate this posting.
The atmosphere. The people.
Everyone is so emotional. 
Workload is fine. It's the same damn thing every single day anyway.

Bleargh. I just hate O&G.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Housemanship #1

One of my colleagues posted this on our ward's Whatsapp group. Gelak guling-guling baca! Adakah ini salah satu cara untuk houseman melepaskan stress? Lol. This might not be true because it will be a medicolegal issue if something like this is actually being written in the patient's BHT (bed head ticket = patient's medical file).

Whatever pun, memang terbaiklah houseman yang tulis cenggini. Hahaha~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

That little crush

I was in the operating theater the whole day yesterday. There were four elective and one emergency operations altogether. Well, I think I like working in the OT than in the ward. But it also depends  on which bosses you will be working with. Lucky me, I got the nice ones. I-dont-care-whatever-you-do type of boss would be fine too as long as it's not the ones that would scold and shout at you even for the smallest thing.

The surgeons are nice and so are the registrar and MO. In one of the surgeries, I was given an opportunity to close up the skin as well as using the diathermy. Yes, it is a BIG deal to me coz as a houseman, all you do is sucking blood and fluids (using suction of course lol!), retracting skin and muscles, cutting sutures, etc. You know, the less important stuff. Well, they'll let you do some suturing if you ask for it or only if the boss in charge is nice. The registrar patiently taught me how to suture the skin step-by-step. (Had done this during medical student years but it was ages ago).

Dr X: Make sure the gap between the sutures and the depth is 1 cm long. *demonstrates*
Me: Okay, got it.
After a few sutures, it was the time for me to try...
While suturing slowly with my unsteady hands, suddenly a voice appeared out of nowhere.
Dr Y: Oi! Lembabnya jahit. Cepat sikit. Apa ni, berapa lama lagi nak tunggu ha?
Me: *wait, this voice sounded familiar and so I looked up* Dr. Y! 
Dr Y: Ha, cepat jahit! Apa ahhh. Tangan terketar-ketar. Tak makan ke?
Me: Puasa boss..
Dr X: Nevermind. Don't listen to him! Just do it slowly. My first suture, I did 5 in 40 minutes.
Dr Y: Cepat, cepat, cepat!
Me: Gahhhhh. *stressed face*
Dr Y: Hahahaha.. Just kidding. Ha, bagus-bagus. Tu jahit ke sana sikit. To your left. Yes, yes.
Me: -________-"

Nak nangis boleh tak? Bengong betul. Buat orang cuak jek. In the end, I finished suturing in 20 minutes? Haha.. After the surgery ended..

Dr X: So, wanna take up surgery? Dah bolehlah ni.
Me: Ha? Susahlah boss. I buat lambat. I need to practise more.
Dr X: Eh no lah. You did well! Not like some people, kaku je tangan.
Me: Ehehe. Thanks boss. *malu*

Hahahahaha. So this explains my little crush.

Ps: Dr X and Dr Y are both registrars.
Pps: Dr Y is Chinese and he speaks Malay most of the time.
Ppps: Apparently Dr X is single. Anyone interested? *winks*

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The obnoxious one

Out of all bosses in Surgery, there is this one particular surgeon that had left me a very bad first impression on my first day in Surgical posting. Let's call him The Obnoxious One. Lol. I hope he doesn't find his way to this blog. I heard he's married with two wives and one of them is Chinese (I bet must be his second wife). And so I heard that he is fond of Chinese-looking female housemen. CUTE Chinese-looking housemen. I might look Chinese but I am definitely not cute. Lol. Anyway, I would be better be off than having him as his favourite. Yep, I pretty much hate him. Good thing he's not my assessor.

I had my night shift yesterday and I was surprised how soooo "lucky" I was that he was oncall on the same night too. We were warned that all housemen in the ward are to stay back until he is done with the rounds. Morning shift usually starts at 7am till 7pm, night shift starts at 6pm till 7am and he only started his round at 8.15pm. Since my ward was the last one to be rounded (lol, sorry, couldn't find any other word for it), most of the housemen decided to ignore his order and went back early. Seriously, if I were them, I would definitely stay back because he is not someone to be meddled with. You definitely do not want to have any trouble with him.

Waiting for him was painful in the ass. What even more painful is when seeing him already in the ward with a smirk on his face. And so the ward round started.

Boss: Are all the housemen in the ward? (The other wards are packed with housemen and seeing that they were only a few housemen left in the ward made him asked that question.


Boss: ARE ALL THE HOUSEMEN IN THE WARD??! Aifaa, are all the housemen in the ward ?

Aifaa: *shook head* No boss.

Boss: Didn't I tell you all to stay in the ward until I'm done with the rounds? If you people cannot stay back for 2 hours longer, I guess 3 months of extension should be fine! Aifaa, make a name list of housemen who are not in the ward and pass it to me. If any of them are under me, they better be praying.

Us: Gulp...
Gahhhh. Having ward round with him is torturing enough and now this! Lucky thing that he did not ask much during the rounds. The medical officer cut me off when I was presenting my case, in which I was glad he did! Lol. The round ended after 20 minutes. It was brief probably because he was mad.

Yeah. Welcome to HKL baby! Yes, working here is stressful but I doubt any difference elsewhere. Surgery is already well-known to be a tough posting due to the pathologically-minded bosses so I already prepared myself what to expect. I'm just gonna lay low and get over this ASAP. Wish me luck peeps! ;)